All Set for Nandyal Election Counting Tomorrow


Kurnool: On 28th of this month, Nandyal election counting will be held in Nandyal Polytechnic College. Kurnool district SP Gopinath Jetti said that the district police administration has taken strict security measures as a means of preserving the law of peace and security. He spoke to the media at district police office. All the CRPF forces and APSPs have been set up for security measures.

After the counting process, in all the problematic regions, Pickets, mobile parties and striking forces will be set up as a security measure. To safeguard the law and order severe actions will be taken against them who ever violates the rules and create havoc. The SP said the election was done in a peaceful environment without any undesirable actions. SP also thanked the people, political parties and the media, who supported them to conduct by-election peacefully.

To conduct the counting process, 1 additional SP, 5 DSP’s, 17 CI’s, 38 SI’s, 74 SP’s, Head Constables, 260 Constables, 20 women constables, 44 Sections AR Staff, 10 Special Parties, 1 company CRPF Army, 5 Platoon APSP forces has been arranged to take preliminary steps for security actions.  In the meeting, Additional SP’s P Shaik Shawali, I. Venkatesh, DSP’s  J. Babu Prasad, D.V. Ramanamurthi, CI’s Shmulakanna, Krishnaiah, Prabhakar and Nagara Raja have participated.


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