RBI Plans to Announce New 50 Rupees Notes

New 50 Rupees Note

Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India is planning to introduce a new 50 Rupees denomination notes in the market. The new note is expecting to reflect India’s cultural heritage. RBI would release them in the Mahatma Gandhi (new) series. RBI governor Urjit Patel signature will be seen on these new notes.

On one side of these bank notes, Mahatma Gandhi’s Image will be seen while on the other side country’s cultural heritage Hampi Chariot will be seen. The base colour of the note is fluorescent blue. The dimension of this bank note is 66 mm x 135 mm. The Reserve Bank of India announced in December last year that it will introduce a new Rs 20 and Rs 50 notes.

New 50 Rupees Note
The new 50 rupee note will bear the signature of RBI governor Urjit R Patel

The RBI has also announced that the old currency notes which are already available in the market, will be legally valid along with the new Rs 50 note being released soon. Now the photos of these new notes are going viral in the internet. After the ban of Rs 1000 and release of bigger denominations like Rs 2000 in the market, there is severe issue of smaller denomination. Keeping this in mind, RBI is planning to release Rs 200 denomination notes in the market.

New 50 Rupees Note


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