Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigns over corruption allegations

Nawaz Sharif

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (67) officially resigned from his post after country’s Supreme Court disqualifies him over corruption allegations. Along with Sharif, his family members are declared as final verdict in the Panama Gate scandal case.

“He is no more eligible to be an honest member of the parliament, and he ceases to be holding the office of prime minister,” said by Judge Ejaz Afzal Khan in court.

Nawaz Sharif was offended by a six-member US investigation team, based on a report submitted by JIT (joint investigation team) on July 10 and filed a criminal case against him.

In early 1990’s, when Sharif was the Prime Minister JIT inquired on the wealth and assets of Sharif in London. With the release of Panama Papers last year, Nawaz Sharif name has come into the lime light of holding illegal properties in London. Mr Dar, who was Mr Sharif’s former accountant, had submitted documents to the court about how the Sharif family obtained their wealth that included a portfolio of expensive London properties.

Those documents revealed that the children owned expensive residential property in London through offshore companies.

Mr. Sharif has denied any wrongdoing and has claimed the investigation is biased and inaccurate.

As Supreme Court verdict is against to Sharif, he resigned as Prime Minister. Later the cabinet has set emergency meeting for picking New Prime Minister. Mr. Sharif soon after his step down as Prime Minister announced his brother Shahbaz, the chief minister of Punjab province, as his successor along with Defense Minister Khawaja Asif who is also in the race.

About Nawab Sharif: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was born on 25 December 1949. The Sharif’s family is Punjabis of Kashmiri origin. He is a Pakistani politician and businessman who served as the 13th Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1990 to 1993, from 1997 to 1999 and again from 2013 to 2017. He had previously served as the Chief Minister of Punjab from 1985 to 1990.

Nawaz went to Saint Anthony High School. He graduated from the Government College University (GCU) with an art and business degree and then received a law degree from the Law College of Punjab, University in Lahore.

He got married to Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif and has 3 children Maryam Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz.

His political career began in 1981, when he became the finance minister in northeastern Punjab province and then chief minister of the province in 1985.

He was elected as prime minister for the first time in November 1990 and remained in office until July 1993. His government was ousted by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan when he dissolved the National Assembly.

Sharif was elected prime minister in February 1997 and remained in office until October 1999.

Gen. Pervez Musharraf toppled the government in bloodless coup in October 1999 and Sharif was arrested and exiled to Saudi Arabia. He returned to Pakistan in November 2007 and took charge as head of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. However, the party did not participate in the 2008 election.

In 2013, Sharif’s party won and he became prime minister for the third time.


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