Mahabharat is my dream project: Says Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan recently speaks about his dream project Mahabharat and his plans to bring it to the big screen.

The 51 years old actor is always passionate about films, be it his production ventures or on-screen performance.

In an interview with DNA, SRK admits that budget for this project will be a huge constraint.

He told “It’s my dream to make Mahabharat for the screen, It’s been years for now. I would love to do that but I don’t think I can afford to it unless I collaborate, and the collaboration must be with an International producer cause Indian producers and Indian film industry have limited market”.

“This one has to go out into the international markets. So you have to collaborate with someone who’s international. You don’t take up a subject like the Mahabharat and make it any less. It should be on the scale of a Baahubali or an even larger one,” he added.


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