JioGST Starter Kit Offer with Free 4G Data for 1 Year

JioGST Starter Kit

Reliance Jio has come up with another bumper offer called JioGST Starter Kit. Any one who purchases JioGST Starter Kit worth Rs. 1,999/- will get a JioFi device along with 24GB of 4G data with unlimited voice for an year and a new Jio SIM card. The cost of Jio Prime membership, Rs 99, is also included in the kit.

On top of the above, JioGST starter kit also provides a Jio-GST Solution, a mobile based billing app and many other features FREE for an year.

According to Reliance Jio, users will get benefited up to Rs 10,844/- for the price of a single device which costs Rs 1,999/- only.

The company is a part of GST Suvidha Providers (GSP) which was set up to help taxpayers to comply with the provisions of the GST law.

Here is the list of offers that Reliance Jio is providing as part of it’s JioGST Starter Kit offer:

  1. Mobile-First Compliance Solution: Users will get free GSP and ASP services for 1 year. Computer or any accounting or billing software will not be essential for merchants and there will be an automatic list of purchase summary.
  2. Device & Connectivity: Users will get unlimited voice calling and 24GB 4G data for 1 year with JioFi. One can also order doorstep delivery and activation in selected cities.
  3. Scan & Sell: Jio is providing a simple to use mobile based billing application access for 1 year. There will be no need for a printer, and users will get daily summary invoices for full GST compliance. Within the app, there is a catalog of thousands of consumer, grocery & electronic products with tax codes.
  4. Tax Professionals: Users will have access to thousands of JioGST impaneled tax practitioners. One can authorize a professional to file their return.

How to get JioGST Starter Kit:

Visit the website and place an order for JioGST starter kit. Once you receive the device, visit any nearest Reliance Digital / DX Mini / Jio Store to get a Jio SIM.

Once you are ready with device & SIM, create an account on, then select GSTIN, and then pair JioFi MSISDN to get your JioGST Starter Kit activated.


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