A toll on the Indian General Election 2019

Indian General Election Voters

Indian General Election 2019 has become more about the ‘candidate’ than about the whole party. The
preceding statement distinctly sounds legit, when it comes to Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi
that shudder the whole nation, leaving many political parties to seek for ways to revive. But
before knowing anything about elections you must know about the general starter pack of a
political party in India.

The ingredients consist of some crowd evoking slogans like, “Acche din
aane wale hai” and “Man ki baat” plus adding a renowned profile precisely makes your chances
even. Some popular, though yet to be completed agendas of the past having some religious
propaganda like the “Beef Ban” and “Ram Mandir /Babri Masjid issue” and keeping some
special emphasis on Manifesto, one should not forget the trending, “Mandir wahi Bangega”
Slogan. Instead of perceiving content, people are finding it easier to spot rhetoric.

The only question that comes to our mind is, will it be the saffron surge all over again or will the
hand grab the seats? So fasten your seat belts as we take you through all the past
accomplishments and future prospects of the aspirants of the upcoming elections. It’s already
been three years to the 17th Lok Sabha elections and the nation has already started betting on
their horses for the Indian General Election 2019.

Mind: it’s an era of the underdogs.

Politics have never been the same, as it was in the early 90’s. The growth of small yet mass
enticing regional political parties has reoriented the whole game. It’s been three years of the
NDA government, which has already faced a lot of criticism as well as gained support in bits and
pieces, but people have got their idol in the name of Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Winning over with a tremendous majority in the 2014 elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party proves to be the
major crown prince for the 2019 elections. The chants of “Modi Modi” can still be heard. But it’s
all not loss for the Indian National Congress, as Rahul Gandhi, (Vice President, INC) has already
started with their homework by renewing the United Progressive Alliance with 11 other regional
parties, 5 of which comes from God’s Own Country Kerala.

The stunning win at Punjab under the guidance of Captain Amarinder Singh, has already boosted the confidence of the party workers all across the nation. Keeping in mind the cracks that have already started
erupting at the center, with a huge step like demonetization not making any effort in the big run.

There is an old saying, “If you are not able to elevate your position with adept deeds, you just
might, with your adversary’s erroneous doings.”

Nobel Laureate and eminent economist, Amartya Sen said, “The demonetization of currency
was a despotic act as the government broke the promise of compensation that comes with a
promissory note. Demonetization goes against trust. It undermines the trust of entire economy,”

Not attaining much benefit out of this act, people have some standing grievances against the
party, which will be clearly exhibited in the upcoming elections. At the same time, with some
long lasting experience and maestro leaders on their side, It will be a tough time for all the other
parties to think and contemplate on how to proceed further because this ’56 Inch ka seena’ (56
inch chest) stands to be a big impediment on their way.


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