For Sale on FB Group – Item: Helicopter

Helicopter for Sale

Do you need any proof that Hyderabad is well developed? Just read the story.

So far, many people think Hyderabad is still under developed.  In the recent times, we have even seen flood of complaints on social media about the roads in Hyderabad.

But today you must have to accept that, the city is really rich enough even to buy big things just like buying biscuits from a Kirana Store.

Here is the proof. A guy from Hyderabad has posted an item for sale on noted Facebook Group Spread the Word Hyderabad.

And within few minutes, there is tremendous response started from group members with an interest to buy the item. Some of them even ready to pay spot cash while others are more interested to follow the deam of PM Narendra Modi ji i.e. Digital India and pay through Paytm. However, the deal is not yet closed.

The Item is none other than Helicopter. Yes you heard it correct.  Check out the original screenshot of the post.

We hope, by now you will believe that our city is well developed and those who blame the ruling party even for negligible things are just haters 😛

Helicopter Sale
Screenshot of the Original Post

So what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to check the details of the item and offer your price 🙂 . According to the seller, the item is registered under own plate ( Not a Taxi), so there would be more value and esteem if any one owns it.

Follow the post on “Spread the Word Hyderabad” (Facebook Group), and try your luck to buy the item before someone owns it. Rush now, huge competition is there!



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