Facts about Hiroshima and Nagasaki – World War II

Atomic Bomb Attack on Hiroshima-Nagasaki

On August 06th 1945 at 8:30 AM in the Japanese time the world’s first atom bomb drops over the city of Hiroshima.  All the Radio stations and news papers shows the sign that World War II is coming to an end.

The people of Japan are not aware of who is doing the war and what does they get from it. But that sin brings lot of sorrow to many of the innocent people. They do not know why a country will fight with another country. They don’t even know why the entire world is split into two parts. Only a few people know on whose behalf their country is fighting. They only have the fear on what is happening around them.

Los Angeles Times Front Page News
News About Atomic Bomb Attack on Hiroshima-Nagasaki : Los Angeles Times Front Page on 7th August 1945

On that day, the people of Japan heard noise of planes roaming in the sky which created lot of fear among them and they all ran for the safer place along with their children. In this context, all the country’s heads have set up meeting and everyone was expecting an announcement that war is coming to an end.

Meanwhile they heard a big noise. It was American Bomber B-29 that hit Japan’s land and within few minutes there was another explodes by name “Little Boy” that strike Japanese ground as hundred thunderbolts. The city of Hiroshima has 90,000 buildings, from the height of 1900 feet “little boy” bomb has strikes the ground causing great loss to the city. 80 thousand people died and 35 thousand people were seriously injured. Within 1 year another 65 thousand people died due to severe radiation caused by “Little Boy”.

Hiroshima Victims
Hiroshima Victims

The only one question raised in front of the world is – what the Big Country’s Heads have achieved by setting up meetings and conferences? Soviet Union chief Stalin, American President Harry S. Truman, Great Britain Prime Minister Winston Churchill (after Churchill Clement Attlee) assembled in Germany.

They all have assembled to bring World War II to an end. That year discussions went on from July 27 to August 2. The demand was to surrender Japan unconditionally. But before Japan agreed to surrender unconditionally, America which has already arranged all nuclear bombs to exploit for the World War II thought it would be wasted and will not get another chance to test them. They thought this would be the right time to test the nuclear bombs on Japan and attacked on Hiroshima city. Before getting out of that panic, Nagasaki town has hit with another nuclear bomb in the name of Fatman.

Nagasaki Survivor
Nagasaki Survivor

In fact, Japan was not in a position to disobey the demands of the giant country’s Heads. It is ready to break down the war.  In this context the United States has identified the atomic bomb incident as part of the country’s dominant statement. After many Protests, August 06th has been identified as Anti-Nuclear day by many countries reminding that these kinds of attacks should never happen again.

Hiroshima Nagasaki After Atomic Bomb Attack

But the people of Japan have faced bitter experiences the War has left and trying to rebuild demolished cities.


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