Indian Army demoralized by the dirty politics?

Indian Army Soldiers

The Indian Army, which is protecting millions of this Nation. Unfortunately the politicians are now targeting the ARMY in such a way that it will demoralize the spirit who are guarding across the border.

Political parties are going to such a low in order to oppose the ruling party. The remarks from Student leader of JNU to the Polit Bureau member of a National party these all shows the signs of the weakness of the parties rather than defaming the ARMY.

One leader calls the Chief of ARMY as Street Thug. He is not calling Bipin Rawat but he is calling the whole nation. Shame on these politicians who are using the ARMY for their political mileage.

Our brave soldiers have sacrificed their life in doing the surgical strikes but our ill minded politicians wants Video evidence and one neta call Koon ki dalaali which shows the sick minded politicians of this nation.

The citizens of this nation has already given a mandate way back but still these sick minds have not changed. There are many things in this nation through which they can go in to the people unfortunately they have choose one of the important section which will give a chance to the neighboring countries to point fingers at us. GDP is going down, Jobs are cutting down and there are many things which this agenda less political parties can fight with the ruling party.

Dynamic major of the Army took a step in order to protect the Officials and themselves from a mob which has saved many people life but that action also criticized by this sickulars. Some people took a step further and criticized that they are getting Free liquor and food this comment is such a shame to this nation. Kashmir is burning Call Army, Dargling is burning with strikes call army, Chennai floods Call ARMY, 26/11 attacks call ARMY but glorifying their efforts will make you a non secular.

If someone from the Ruling party applauds the efforts then the rest of the politicians comment just to oppose the ruling party, this has now become a trend.

The percentage of Army deaths in Kashmir has gone up by 1:8 to 1:3 ratio in the recent times but no one is interested and cared about the death of the veer jawan all they need is publicity and political mileage which of course will not give any to the irresponsible comments.

Imagine our own people who are serving the nation at any temperature irrespective of cold, Hot conditions they are with us. A major who is serving is leaving his family by consolidating his 5 year old kid that he will bring something for her and unfortunately he lost his life in battling the terrorists, now fill yourself in to the shoes of the major and think.

It is strictly a warning for all the sick minded and false mouth politicians to shut your mouth when it comes to Army. Use your tactics for benefit of the nation not at the cost of nation.


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