BJP Party for Rich Industrialists, not for Poor Farmers

Rahul Gandhi

Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi slams the ruling BJP party for not bothering about the poor farmers and says that the NDA government is only concerned about rich industrialists.

He says that “when we told BJP to wait for 3-4 more months to introduce GST, they said ‘no, no we have to do it at midnight July 1’. We told them small businesses will suffer, they didn’t care. They just want to run the government for the income tax people”.

Further, he added ” BJP cares only about rich industrialists and not the poor” which clearly depicts the nature of the ruling party.

Adding to this he said, GST has no impact on the big industrialists. It’s only the small business holders, traders and the dalits who is going to suffer.

The congress Vice president when addressing the farmers at Banswara, Rajastan said we want to speak on the issues of farmers in Lok Sabha in the presence of Prime Minister but we are not allowed to speak.

Rahul says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks about ‘Make in India’ but ignores “Poor Farmers”.

“After the Congress waived farmers’ debts in Punjab and Karnataka, then fearing the Congress, Uttar Pradesh also did the same,” said Rahul, referring to the BJP government in UP.


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