Automation, A Real Threat to Software Jobs in India

Automation, Threat to IT Jobs in India

In the coming days, Software industry is about to face severe threat in the form of Automation and new digital technology which have a great impact on the software professionals. Many IT companies have already reduced their number of employees and slowed down the process of new recruitment’s. According to American business advisory firm HFS, with the automation effect domestic IT workforce will drop down by 14% which means more than 40 lakh employees are going to be threatened by 2021.

As per research reports with this automation effect, software testing jobs will have more impact than any other jobs. More over few of the IT jobs will be completely fade away in future.

According to the Online Professional Education Platform Simply learn Research Report, in upcoming 5 years there will be short fall of jobs in the given below profiles:

Manual Testing: Software test engineer, QA engineer, manual tester will be affected.

Infrastructure Management: System Engineer, IT Operations Manager, System Administrator

BPO: Data Entry Operator, Customer Service Executive, Technical Support

System Maintenance: Server Maintenance, Maintenance Engineer


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